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Affiliate marketing is a great and proven method for you to earn a good income from commissions.  You do this by selling products and services for businesses that have affiliate programs, and there are a whole lot of them. Lots of people have made nice incomes from doing this, and having started from pretty humble beginnings. The beginner who desires to get into affiliate marketing, needs to know where to start.  This can be a challenge. Clickbank may just be your launching pad into this career (as it has for thousands), if you want to deal with information products.

As one of the biggest information product marketplaces online, Clickbank has proved to be a great affiliate marketing platform even for the beginners in this field. Clickbank deals in the purchase and sale of more than 30,000 information products. You can work on Clickbank as either a vendor or an affiliate. As an affiliate you will be selling the informational products that the vendors have created. (Actually, there is no real selling. You just show the sales page to interested people).

For the topic of discussion at hand, we will consider what it takes to be an affiliate marketer on Clickbank. To start off, you will have to register or sign up. Much like what happens in other websites, you will be required to choose an ID that you will use every time you log in. with this ID in place you can now access the Clickbank marketplace and check out the products which you would like to sell. Clickbank has arranged the marketplace in categories of products, which makes it easy for you to select information products that you would like to sell. You can choose a just one item or several.

Having selected the product(s), the next step will be to acquire a ‘Hoplink’ that will be used to direct prospective customers to the relevant vendor sales page. The ‘Hoplink’ takes the form of a HTML code which is only produced after your user ID is entered into a requisite form. Since each product that you want to sell has its own ‘Hoplink’ you may end up with quite a number of them. Clickbank affiliates usually file these hoplinks, sales page links, and product information for easy reference. To sell the Clickbank products that you have selected, you just need to have the hoplinks input to the sales material.

Being a vendor is not difficult either. You just need to have a product and pay an amount to have it listed on the Clickbank marketplace. Before the product is sold it has to be Clickbank approved.

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