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  The Effect That Blogging Has On Affiliate Marketing  
Before we get into the nitty-gritty details of how blogging affects the affiliate marketing effort it is necessary that to understand what these two terminologies entail. This is especially for the sake of those who are still green in such matters.

Blogging is the action of using a blog otherwise known as a web log. As the latter name suggests blogs are journal-like online forums where people post entries which are then sequentially ordered. Many blogs are dedicated to particular topic categories though there are some on which any topic can be discussed.
Affiliate marketing involves the online promotion of the goods and services produced by given business. A business that owns a website needs to have people traffic who can then be convinced to buy. The affiliate marketing effort is done by individuals on behalf of the business and these persons are termed to be ‘affiliates’. Affiliates use a combination of techniques to push the promotion agenda. Some of these techniques are the use of web links, search engine optimization, and through networks. Affiliates receive compensation from the business as per the traffic they have directed to the website.

Blogs have steadily gained much popularity and both affiliate marketers and web developers have been quick to take advantage of this fact. Using blogs as forums for advertisement and promotion is a trend that affiliates are now embracing in addition to the others mentioned previously. Web developers have made things better by introducing online blog software that facilitates more convenient access to businesses via the affiliates. Thanks to this software ‘quack’ affiliates whose intentions are to defraud and scam can now be blocked. This has greatly enhanced the credibility of affiliate marketing.

Blogging has contributed in a large way to the success of affiliate marketing as a means of online promotion. Through the use of keywords search engines are more capable of leading interested people to the relevant websites. Unlike spamming which is frowned upon blogging is not as offensive. A popular blog is visited by very many people in a short time span and by so doing a product or service is marketed to quite a big audience. With an audience drawn from all over the globe many businesses have experienced an upsurge in customer volume and of course bottom-lines have drastically improved. Affiliate marketing on blogs makes use of keywords to direct traffic. Videos and photos are some of the additional techniques that are used to capture the attention of prospective clients.

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